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Final Approach at Madeira

Last week we had a rather interesting day.

We where scheduled to fly towards Madeira ( Funchal). While the wind in the morning was within limits the forecast was that it would increase and it could be impossible to land.
So we fuelled the aircraft to max landing weight.

When en-route to Funchal we got the latest weather and indeed the wind was out of limit. We had about 1hour 15 minutes of holding fuel with us so we decided to wait it out.

After 30min in the holding we contacted our operations in Amsterdam to find out what they preferred. Diverting to the neighboring island or to hold. The preferred course of action was to hold as long as possible.
In the mean time a boat was arranged for the passengers in case we couldn't land at Funchal.

After 80 minutes in the holding (we managed to save some extra fuel) we got the message that the wind was on the limit (350/15 kts). We would be number 2 for the approach and could start our approach in about 9 minutes. At that time our holding fuel remaining was 9 minutes......

I managed to save some extra fuel by flying the approach as clean as possible and configuring as late as possible.

In the end we landed at Funchal precisely with the fuel we needed to have on board upon landing. (2100 kg as you can see in the picture)

An other day at this amazing office.

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