Cityscapes - Martijn Kort

City Veins

The lights of the cars, move like veins trough the city. Giving life to a concrete place. 
Here you see the skyline of Dubai, financial Center as seen from a rooftop. 
The sheikh zayed road and the cars look like a vein running through the city.

At night the concrete jungle becomes a place full of lights and rushing ppl.
Everybody minding his own business and trying to get somewhere as fast as possible. The traffic jams on the Sheikh Zayed Road increase and the cars are switching lanes almost faster than a blink of an eye. It gets chaotic for a while, before finally setting down again.
From up here you see and hear the city, but you can enjoy the view and slow down.
Let time pass and just look out, over the skyline. Embrace the lights that light up the otherwise dark city.
Dubai is an amazing city.

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